Funk Musician Adeline Wore a Vintage Silk Dress Down the Aisle During Golden Hour in Provence

Singer and bassist Adeline and Sinclair Bolden, a partner at the event brand Everyday People, met through mutual friends years ago, but didn’t start dating until 2013 when they reconnected by chance. “It was as if I was meeting him for the first time—I had sort of love at first sight,” Adeline says. “After a couple of months tiptoeing around the idea of going on a date—he’s shy!—we went out for a drink, and we’ve been a couple ever since. I knew that day that he would be my husband.”

The couple had been dating for two years when Sinclair proposed, but it wasn’t the first time he’d asked her to marry him. “There were actually three proposals!” she says. “The first one was the most casual, just as we were falling asleep after a great dinner on New Year’s Day.” The second one was two weeks later in Martinique, where Adeline’s father was born and where her grandmother lives. “It was after Sinclair asked my dad for my hand in French. The third one was on our third anniversary in Barcelona, with the ring,” says Adeline.

She and Sinclair started planning their wedding soon after. “We really wanted to get married in France because it’s where I’m from,” she says. “We are both in love with my country and feel so connected there—we’ve had some of our most bonding moments while visiting.”

Adeline’s father lives in Marseille, and both she and Sinclair have always loved the South of France as a result. “We went on a trip to the Riviera and basically drove around for a week looking for the perfect venue,” she says. To their surprise, they didn’t find anything that fit their aesthetic near the water, so they ventured north a bit to Provence. Ultimately, they found their venue, Domaine des Andéols, online, last-minute. “When we got there, we completely fell in love with it though,” Adeline says. “It has a modern sense of decor, but it also marries perfectly with its natural surroundings. There are manicured cypress trees, dashing lavender fields, and beautiful pools.”

Never one to do things the traditional way when it comes to her approach to clothes, Adeline left her dress search until the last minute. “It was four months before the wedding, so definitely not within the ‘traditional timing,’ which was almost intentional,” she says. After going to a few vintage stores and fairs, she wasn’t seeing anything that she liked, so she started to think she’d have something made.

Before she began that process, her friend Nasrin urged her to visit New York Vintage because it had just received a new shipment of wedding gowns, and there were a few tulle dresses. Adeline went, and saw a silk Alberta Ferretti dress that initially she didn’t think much of. “But I figured I should see how I felt about silk in comparison with tulle,” she explains. “When I tried it on, I knew it was the one automatically—just like I did with my husband! I loved that it made me feel regal and classy. People are so used to seeing me wear loud and daring stuff, and I liked the idea of wowing everyone by surprising them with a classic piece.”
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