n music and in life, timing is everything. Case in point: When Paris-born singer and songwriter Adeline first met event producer Sinclair Bolden at a party in 2008, their lives were not in sync. “We were both in relationships and living in different places,” she says. “We said hello to each other and that was it.” But when fate orchestrated another encounter five years later, each of them—now single and in New York City­—didn’t miss a beat. “It was like love at first sight that time around,” says Adeline.

The pair dated for a little over two years and decided to get engaged in the most fluid (and arguably French) way possible: after a pleasant day of cooking a meal and bonding with close friends. “I had told Sinclair I wasn’t expecting him to get on his knee and surprise me, so when he asked me to marry him, he just felt it in the moment,” she recalls. “It was great.” When the time came to plan their wedding, Adeline and Sinclair took a similarly impromptu approach. “We knew we wanted to be married in France,” says Adeline, who shares a deep connection to her native country with Sinclair (“he likes to say he was French in a past life”). 

The couple traveled to the French Riviera to scope out potential venues and made a last-minute stop in Provence, where they fell in love with the Domaine des Andéols, a hotel in the village of Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt. “The modern aesthetic and serene, natural environment fit us perfectly,” she explains.

While the dreamy location brought their vision to life, the couple made their loved ones the real focus of their wedding, with three days of events that kicked off with a yacht party in Marseille. “The most magical thing was watching our friends becoming friends,” says Adeline of the group vacation vibe.

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