Welcome to one of the most beautiful regions of France … the Loire Valley! I will be as rich in ideas as my region is rich in beauty. Creative, tenacious, diplomatic, sensitive and above all endowed with a great strength of character, I will be your perfect ally for a unique, controlled and flawless wedding planning as managing the details is one of my priorities to make sure you have a day as beautiful as you imagined it to be.

So I can make it for you, I will use our work methodology recognized today as real French savoir-faire and a guarantee of quality – called French Wedding Industry® – and which allows me to understand an wedding in a particular way. This will allow you to appreciate every moment, every step taken together to achieve quality, excellence and above all your satisfaction which are my main prerogatives.


The Assets: a legacy envied by this cultural richness which will bring a very particular strength to your wedding

Our tip: for French history lovers, the Loire Valley Castles will be an ideal wedding venue

Our Network: a selection of talented vendors for the success of your wedding

The plus: a region nestled on the west coast, the most beautiful castles in France await you to celebrate your wedding

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